Holidays Outfit 1

Ideas For The Holidays Outfit N°1

Hi everybody,

the holidays have finally arrived !!!!!!!!!!

And for the different occasions that are going to succeed each other, i’m going to show you my favourites.

For starters, here is the fisrt one :

It is a black dress, laced around the neck. And what i love is that there is not a whole bunch of lace, just what we need in this case, for a chic style.

So to go along with this gown, i propose to you this great cocooning cardigan ? lol (i really don’t know if it is a way to say it… anyhow 🙂 I love the rock’n’roll side and the sweatness of this cardigan, which will keep us warm and protect us from the cold weather.



Dress : You can find it here here

Cardigan : You can find it here here

And now you are probably being like -“Hey Mouna, ain’t something missing to complete this look ?!? spill it spill it  spilletttttttt !!!!!”

Well dear friends, yesssssssss something is indeed missing, THE SHOES !!!! TADA !

Salomé or “tango” shoes as i please to call them, with their classy red edging that gives them a muy caliente side, si si, holé !!!!

Shoes : You can find them here


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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